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Beginner Classic & Intro to Hybrid Lashing

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Once purchased, you will receive an email to arrange a date & time for in person training in Sherman Oaks, CA. Class is 6.5 hrs and includes lunch. You can opt for online training and schedule your live Zoom training with Brittany Steele as well. If you choose this, you will receive your kit in the mail. This course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of lashing. You will learn how to properly lash and begin your lashing career. During the Beginner Classic & Intro To Hybrid course you will learn:⁣ ⁣ * How to properly lash ⁣ * Lash sanitation ⁣ * Lash growth & cycles * Proper placement * Proper posture * How to make 2-5D fans for Hybrid Sets ⁣ * How to build your client base⁣ * How to deal with different types of clients⁣ * How to maintain good posture & maintain your health while lashing⁣ * How to customize sets to your clients eyes⁣ * Contraindications to lashing * Tips & tricks⁣ * Lash mapping⁣ * Business tips Class Includes:⁣ * lash manual * practice mannequin⁣ * practice lashes⁣ * 4 trays of lashes⁣ * adhesive⁣ * 3 tweezers⁣ * primer⁣ * lash pallet⁣ * 3 different tapes⁣ * undereye pads⁣ * mascara wands⁣ * microfiber wands⁣ * cream remover * foam lash wash⁣ * fan ⁣ * travel bag⁣ After the class: A Zoom meeting will be scheduled to go over any questions you have after practicing on your own. Student will receive certification after properly completing one full set.

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