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Discover the wonders of Jet Plasma, the non-invasive skin treatment that requires no needles, numbing, or blood. In just one-hour sessions, Jet Plasma utilizes cellular regeneration from the inside out, enhancing your natural collagen, elastin, and growth factors.

Say goodbye to hyperpigmentation, MELASMA, acne, scarring, hair loss, stretch marks, eczema, psoriasis, and more, as you unlock your skin’s true potential!

All services performed at Sherman Oaks location unless discussed otherwise. All sales final. All purchases receive priority booking, so please be sure give accurate contact information. Cancelation/late policy still applies:

If you are late past 15 mins to your appointment, you lose that time and we may need to reschedule you. Only 1 reschedule will be tolerated. If you no-show to appointment you lose full amount paid. No refund or reschedule if you no-show. No-show means you did not contact me regarding you not being able to attend your appointment.

If you wish to reschedule, you must do so 12 hours in advance.

Jet Plasma Package of 6

  • Results will vary from person to person and case to case. Results typically last 2-5 years depending on genetics and lifestyle.

  • B. Steele Skin
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